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Assessment Without Levels

The Government has made it clear to schools that it is no longer acceptable to use levels to track the progress and measure the attainment of children.  St Bart’s has worked in close collaboration with other schools in Affinity Teaching School Alliance to implement a new tracking and assessment system which fully takes into account the expectations of the 2014 National Curriculum.

A meeting of 60 parents was held in February to outline the new arrangements before the March parents’ evenings.  The school is using a seven stage system which tracks children’s progress towards the national standard in the core subjects for years 1 – 6 and also records children who are working at a greater depth in these subjects.

It is the school’s belief that the best way of supporting children in their learning is through sound formative assessment, looking at progress over time, effective marking and constructive feedback.  Children will be assessed formally 4 times a year – twice in the long autumn term and once in spring and summer.  Parents will be fully informed about what their children can do and what they need to do next in their learning.

These slides and information packs are designed to help support parents in their understanding of the new system.  You are welcome to download any pages and we welcome any queries about the materials.