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Our School

Welcome to St Bartholomew’s Primary School, a high performing school, serving families in the village of Quorn and surrounding country areas.

St Bartholomew’s Primary School is an exciting place to learn. The school is in modern buildings set on an attractively green wooded site. Our smart, spacious classrooms are complemented by first class facilities that promote an excellent working atmosphere. These include a Music Studio, IPADS in the classroom in addition to an ICT suite. The school library is a bright bustling hub of activity in the building. We offer individual, group and class instrumental lessons in most instruments.  Music and Sport specialists ensure the highest quality lessons and clubs are provided for the children.  

Our outdoor learning environment inspires the children to flourish through the on-site pond and natural areas, sports fields and play areas equipped with exercise trails.  Alongside these we have our quiet  Peace Garden.

At St Bartholomew’s Primary School the children have a big voice through a number of pro-active clubs - School Councils, Eco club and Mini FOSBA.  Community links with St Bartholomew’s Church and Rawlins Academy extend our provision. Visits and visitors are an important element at St Barts and the annual residentials In year 2, Year 4 and Year 6 are always thoroughly enjoyed by the staff and the children. Musicians, artists, theatre groups are just a few of our regular visitors who help us to consistently enrich the curriculum.

St Bartholomew’s is a fully accessible building, with ramped access and disabled toilet facilities.  Most of the school site is housed on a single floor but there are four classrooms on a  second storey which includes lift access.

The school does not discriminate with respect to disability, gender, ethnicity, age, race faith language or family background. 

The school’s Accessibility Policy and action plan can be accessed from our Policies page. This has been fully revised by the school Governors after consultation with parents and children.

If parents require a paper copy of any item on our website, please contact the school office, this will be provided free of charge.

We always welcome visitors keen to see the school in action so please call the office and book your appointment.

Our class arrangements for 2023-2024

  • Foundation Stage: Mrs Indcox
  • Foundation Stage: Miss Basson 
  • Foundation Stage: Mrs Dixon & Mrs Coates
  • Year 1: Mrs Barrass & Mrs Collins
  • Year 1: Mrs McGowan & Mrs Wignall
  • Year 1 & 2: Miss Cronin
  • Year 2: Mrs Crossley & Mrs Marriott
  • Year 2: Mrs Titchmarsh
  • Year 3: Mrs Moxon & Miss Taylor
  • Year 3: Mr Applewhite
  • Year 3 & 4 Mrs Rowntree
  • Year 4: Mr Evans-Bolger
  • Year 4: Mrs French & Mrs Campbell
  • Year 5: Miss Fielden & Mrs Nel
  • Year 5: Mr Codd
  • Year 5 & 6: Mrs Spray 
  • Year 6: Mr Wright
  • Year 6: Mrs Oakland & Mrs Francks