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Subject Access Requests

Parents (or Carers with parental responsibility)  may ask for copies of information (i.e. educational record) that we hold about themselves or their child/ren (for whom you have parental responsibility). This Subject Access Request process is set out separately. Subject Access Requests must be submitted in writing to the Data Protection Officer.  A template form for a request is at the bottom of this page.

The request should include :

  • Name of Individual
  • Correspondence Address
  • Contact Number and Email address
  • Details of the information requested

You may need to provide additional identification evidence for us to process the request.

School must aim to provide the information within a month, but this can be extended if the request is complicated or the data cannot be accessed.

When we receive a request, we may ask you to be more specific about the information that you require. This is to refine any queries to make sure you access what you need, rather than sometimes getting a lot of information that may not be relevant to your query.

In some cases, we cannot share all information we hold on file if there are contractual, legal or regulatory reasons.

Please note – we will not disclose information if it:

  • jeopardises safeguarding of the physical and/ or mental health & well-being of pupils;
  • relates to adoption or parental order records;
  • pertains to court proceedings concerning the child.

We cannot release information provided by a third party without their consent, or in some cases you may be better to approach them directly, e.g. school nurses who are employed by the NHS.

We will supply the information by paper or electronic form.

Should you wish to complain about any aspect of the process, please see our Complaints Policy.